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Optical Materials

Tribrid lens material

Redefining High Index
A Stronger Lens for a Stronger Prescription

A revolutionary lens technology that combines the best lens properties to provide your patients with enhanced all-around performance for their stronger prescription requirements.

Optical Clarity

With every prescription, clear vision is always important. PPG TRIBRID® lenses feature precision optics to optimize stronger prescriptions and meet your patients’ needs for clear vision at all times.

Strong and Durable

Tribrid lenses provide a stronger lens for your patients with stronger prescriptions, and that means enhanced safety, durability and confidence in every lens.

Thin and Light

The perfect balance of performance and comfort with the aesthetics and beauty of a thin lens.

The lightest high index material available provides all-day comfort.

Right for everyone

Tribrid lenses offer more benefits and overall performance that is right for every patient. Perfect for children, active adults, seniors and those with an eye towards fashion…and they’re compatible with all frame styles and designs.

Designed with Hybrid Technology

Tribrid lenses are produced using a unique hybrid material technology that is the combination of PPG TRIVEX® lens material and traditional high index technology. As with Trivex material, you can recommend Tribrid lenses with confidence knowing that this new and unique high index lens offers similar performance benefits to Trivex material with enhanced thinness… perfect for your patients with stronger prescriptions and more demanding vision correction needs.